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Inspired by Hemp, Powered by Science.

Delightfully smooth and exceptionally flavorful, Vino Herb proudly delivers world-class de-alcoholized wine infusions enriched with an array of antioxidants and cannabinoids.

An Aromatic Selection of Refreshing CBD Beverages.

Blended with Californian De-Alcoholized Wine & Hemp Extract.

Infused with hemp-derived CBD & CBG, we’ve created a refreshment that’s sure to mellow your mind and renew your spirit.

Crafted with a proprietary blend of mouthwatering Californian de-alcoholized wine & locally sourced hemp extract, Vino Herb CBD beverages ensure bold flavors and fragrances that linger on your palate for hours.

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CBG Isolates

CBD & CBG are infused into every bottle from Vino Herb. Together, these phytocannabinoids promote wellness and relaxation. (60MG CBD, 20MG CBG)

A Blend of Californian Wine

We hand-pick each cluster of grapes from our award-winning Californian vineyard to deliver bold flavors and rich aromas. Once blended, all our wines undergo a gentle dealcoholization but don’t worry they won’t lose their flavor. 750ml bottle contains less than 0.25% alch/bottle. Ensuring the CBD/CBG infusion affects and is a low-calorie wine. Each bottle contains about 100-150 calories in total


Utilizing the latest technologies, all Vino Herb CBD beverages are infused with premium water-soluble CBD & CBG. This perfect infusion process ensures you can discover the potent effects of phytocannabinoids within minutes of consumption.

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Why Choose the Vino Way…

Because we’re all about health & well-being.

Gone are the days of dreaded hangovers and nausea. It’s time to renew your body, mind, and spirit.

An Alcohol-Free Alternative

All Vino Herb CBD wines undergo dealcoholization, which takes away the alcohol from wine. But we never compromise on flavor!

Restore & Rejuvenate your Spirit

Repairing your body and rejuvenating your soul with only just a few sips.

Support Positive Thinking

Declutter the mind, refocus your thoughts and let go of the day’s tensions.

Low Sugar | Low Calories| Just Pure Goodness…