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About Us

We specialize in bringing delicious beverages to you with health benefits. We hope you enjoy our CBD Dealcoholized Wine.

Our Story

As the fourth generation in the Musto Wine Grape Company family business, Christina Musto-Quick sources grapes for home and commercial winemakers in New England. She is a founding member of Women Winemakers of Connecticut and the American Wine Society – New England Winemaker’s Chapter.

Driven to support her wellness through hemp power, Christina’s journey to creating CBD-infused beverages began in her late 20s, when she began to take on more hardships in her life. 

The combination of therapy, yoga, meditation, and positive lifestyle adjustments (like cutting back on my alcohol consumption) changed and saved my life.

Focused on her wellbeing and the drive to empower other woman across the country, Christina founded Vino Herb CBD in January of 2022. 

Vino Herb is a female-founded and operated company that strives to provide world-class dealcoholized hemp-infused wine to wine lovers across the country.

Healing Through Hemp

We believe that healing through hemp can encourage a positive mind & body. Our mission is to help others repair, heal, and grow their mind, body, and spirit by enjoying our delicious CBD-infused non-alcoholic wine.


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How do we dealcoholize the wine?

We infuse our beverages with water soluble CBD and CBG isolates. CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD/CBG.