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CBD Pinot Grigio Wine

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“Exceptional characteristics that deliver a refreshing flavor, the Pinot Grigio is truly a rejuvenating elixir.”

Fresh & crisp to the taste, our world-class Pinot Grigio is a staple in any wine lover’s cellar. Delightfully refreshing, this medium-bodied wine is the perfect beverage to enlighten your day & boost your mind.

Her fragrance is floral and reminiscent of the warm summer evening. Every sip captures an enriching aromatic perfume akin to zesty citrus & sweet pear. On the palate, she delivers a soft sweet pineapple flavor complemented by hints of pear and citrus.

The CBD Wine Experience
Vino Herb Pinot Grigio is infused with hemp-derived CBD & CBG through innovative infusion technology.

Product Specifications

Dealcoholized – All Vino Herb CBD wines undergo distillation, removing their alcohol content. Please note that our products contain less than 0.25% alcohol per bottle.
Free from THC – Vino Herb CBD wine does not contain THC, a psychoactive compound produced by the cannabis plant.
CBD concentration: Contains up to 60 mg of CBD
CBG concentration: Contains up to 20 mg of CBG.

$ 19.99